AS Examination 2012

Damn it~... Yeah, people. Just a few weeks left and AS will officially commence. Life's been stressful and tiring lately due to loads of "family events". Let you guys know in future entries, insya-Allah. Anyway, so yes. I'm going to face this AS exam on the 15th of October 2012. My last paper will be on 22nd of November. Imagine that? Woah~. More than a month of exams, but of course there are lots of gaps in between which is a relief. Although I want to get the exam over with, I still want to do my best. If I don't get straight a's, then I have to repeat the exam next year. A total waste of time and money! NO WAY am I gonna repeat! It will be too tiring~... Hehehe...

Anyway, the timetable's out. I'm not sure which one will be easier for you to read, so yeah that's why there are two timetables there. Hehe. In any case, take a look at it (or should I say them? Hehe) :

The highlighted, ticked and signed papers are the ones that I'll be answering. Huhu... TT_____TT

So yeah. As you can see, I'm only taking three subjects, which are Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Just in case you guys are feeling lazy to look at the subjects I'm taking and maybe confused looking at the timetable, let me make things a whole lot simpler. OBSERVE. Hehe. ^^

I'm going to answer these papers:

1) Biology: Paper 1 (MCQ), Paper 2 (Structured questions), Paper 3 (Practical paper)
2) Chemistry: Paper 1 (MCQ), Paper 2 (Structured questions), Paper 3 (Practical paper)
3) Mathematics: Paper 1 (Pure Maths), Paper 6 (Statistics)

So, basically I'm going to sit for eight papers in total. If I hadn't drop Physics, I'd be sitting for 11 papers instead. XP

Anyhow~... Wish me luck people! Oh, and pray for my success too. Hehe. I am totally gonna need all the luck especially prayers I can get! Huhu.

This is Erna signing off! Tut... Tut...


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