I said that? O_O

"People say I’m stupid, I agree. But, that’s never the reason for me to stop in the middle of the race I know I might lose. Coz I know someday I won’t be the last person to cross the finishing line. If I keep on going without looking back, I believe I’ll be the person I dream of being."
I never knew I was so full of motivation before. HAHAHA!!! XD XD XD Seriously, I never knew that. Haha! XD Well, I guess this was true back then. :) Coz I'm no longer a 'racer' that's always trying to fulfil social expectations of the people around her. I'm now a fighter. A PROUD one too... :') Still have to fulfil social expectations, but not bothering a single thing that they say when I don't though. Dang! It's sooo hard to explain in words! Hahahaha!!!! XD XD XD

"I don't race, I FIGHT!" 


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