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First off, to clear things up for you guys:

You see, I created another blog called "A Hidden Passion". Basically, the blog is ALL about my passion for writing. Meaning to say that, the blog only contains the stories that I originally made myself. Yeah, I know it's weird since I'm studying to be a doctor, but I'm writing stories. Haha! XD Actually, writing is one of the only things I'm KINDA (just kinda) good at. SERIOUSLY. I'm not good at a lot of things, so you can see why I'm so VERY glad to have at least ONE THING I'm kinda good at. Anyway, why PLEASE as an entry title? Well, ermmm... Frankly speaking, I'd like to ask for A LITTLE help if you don't mind. Would any of you mind visiting the blog even if it's just for once? Maybe if you're diligent enough, share the blog with your friends? Well, I'm planning on publishing a book while I still have time to write. Of course, I want my book to be selling good coz if not, I'm not the only one dissapointed. The publishers who wasted so much money to publish my book and the readers who vomitted over and over because of the SOOOOO bad story will suffer. I don't want that! TT____TT I want my book to bring a pinch of happiness or maybe a little joy and laughter to fellow readers. I can't change the world. BUT, I can bring a little happiness and smile to their faces, right? RIGHT? So, yeah. Help me out here, PLEASE! ONEGAISHIMASU, minna-san! >....< In order to write a good story, I need feedbacks. So, yes. PLEASE. From the bottom of my heart, please help. Even if only for a little bit. Thank you everyone! :')

Oh! Almost forgot! Here's the link:
Please at least have a look or a peek would be okay too! >...<
Okay, I know. I sound desperate. Eww. Disgusting. I can't believe it. XP
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A Story: This Is My Ninja Way!

YES! You bet! It's about ninjas! Hehe. XD Well, not exactly 100% about ninjas though. It's kinda mixed with magic. Hehe. I'm still working on the story. Although I've posted chapter one and chapter two on already, I'm planning on rewriting it. Like, SERIOUSLY I think my vocabulary was kinda limited back then. Even the sentence structure bothers me in some parts of the two chapters. ANYWAY~, in this entry, I'm going to talk a little bit about the story. Maybe it'll attract your attention? Hehe. ^^

The story is set in a world where ninjas roam. It's actually a fan fiction story, meaning to say that the story is set based on a show or book or any other things that I read or watched. In this case, the story is set in the world of the anime NARUTO~. Haha! XD Sounds cliche? Or maybe retarded? Sorry about that, I guess that's just me. ;)

Moving on, the main character of my story is a girl. A human girl who holds a WHOLE LOT of responsibilities. This will later be revealed. Hehe. I have SOOO MANY things running crazy around in my head! Hahahaha!!!! XD XD XD Sorry, sorry. I got offside again. Ehem. I'll talk about the character a bit later. By the way, the girl's name is Zara.

Well then, Zara was in the world of Naruto trying to solve a certain problem she's facing at the moment. She's trying to figure a way out to solve it. She did EVERYTHING she could think of with the little clue she was given. She settled in the village where Naruto (the main character of the anime Naruto lived), hunt for enemy ninjas threatening the village and even going as far as pretending to join the dark side of the ninja world just so she could solve this certain problem of hers.

Then, one faithful day, something unexpected happened. A dark force only she was familiar with found out where Zara was and followed her to the world she was in. Then, you just have to read to know what will happen next. Hehe. You might as well just read this entry without having to read the story if I told you everything right? Hehe. I hope that attracts your attention? Even for a little bit? So, please check out the story later when I post it and let me know what you think of it, okay? Thanks in advance, everyone! ^^

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Institute Sinaran

Okay then. I should've posted an entry about my college earlier but the idea totally didn't cross my mind. It just did when I realized I haven't talked about my college yet. Haha! XD Anyway, the college I'm in is as the title states above, Institut Sinaran or Sinaran Institute. It provides you can say adequate facilities and the lecturers are EXTREMELY helpful. That is of course in my point of view. They help students a lot! Hehe. XD

Moving on, the institute is a five-storeys building.

Yes, the view from the bottom. Haha! XD

The institute provides adequate facilities. Here's some photos with captions regarding the facilities provided at the institute:

First and foremost, of course the LECTURE HALL~. Haha! XD There are two lecture halls at the institute. Both located at the fifth floor. I'm not sure if the Lecture Theatre is considered as a different room from the Lecture Hall. If I'm not mistaken, yes. So, there's one Lecture Theatre at the institute. Come for a visit to make sure. Haha! XD
And of course, for smaller groups or for Group Hour and Tutorials (I'll explain these later), there are classrooms available. ^^ Normally, the room for each group is fixed by the institute so the groups won't overlap. Err, well something like that. Hehe. ^^"
The institute also has two computer labs. Normally, students use Computer Lab 2 though. There's internet connection and students are trusted to use the net for study purposes and NOT social networking, such as Facebook, Friendster, Tagged and other social networks WHICH is another reason why I like the institute coz I can have a little privacy doing my work instead of having someone somewhat breathing down my neck looking at what I'm doing. Haha! XD
The institute has six labs for science students to perform experiments. Two labs for each science subject.
Yes, this is one of the Biology labs. To be precise, this is Biology Lab 2.
This is one of the Chemistry labs. This is Chemistry Lab 2.
Lastly, this is one of the Physics lab. This is Physics Lab 2, I think. I haven't gone to Physics' labs for a while now coz I dropped the subjects months ago.  
And of course the institute provide a library for students to occupy during their free periods. You can find me here for free periods most of the time. Sometimes I'd go to the musalla or surau to study and pray. Hehe. ^^
Like a little bit more privacy, don't worry, there are carrels for you to use. XD
Ah~ yes. There are two more facilities for students to rest and just hang out for a while.

The Cafeteria and Student Lounge are located at the first floor. But, sorry to say that the cafeteria does not provide halal food, so yes. You have to bring your own home made food OR you can go to McDonald's which is VERY NEAR to the institute. Haha! XD Oh yeah! There's a Service Centre as well. You can photocopy books, notes or any other study materials at a low price. ;) Hehe. ^^ Did I mention you can buy some stationery too? To girls, when you're facing one of those oops-my-pants-are-all-red incident, they sell some of those too, just in case when you're facing such emergencies. Hehe. ^^
And lastly, unfortunately I can't find a single picture of it on the net, the institute provides a musalla or surau for Muslim students to perform their prayers. Muslim students are also allowed to be late for 5-10 minutes for the class after lunch time if they do not have enough time to perform their prayers in some inevitable cases. Don't make it a habit though. Make sure to inform your lecturers beforehand so that they know why you're late.
I guess that's about it. Hehe. XD Oh yeah! One more thing, this is how the institute looks like from afar:

So, if you drive to school, there's actually car parks provided especially for students. Just make sure you ask for the sticker thingy from Madam Amy Lee at the reception counter so that you are allowed to park at the student car parking area. Hehe. ^^

Now, allow me to explain a few things about what's going on at the college. First off, students are given into groups depending on the courses their taking and the number of students that applied for a particular course. Since the GCE A-Level Ordinary Science programme is the most popular programme and has the highest numbers of students applying for, I'll take this as an example. Altogether, the number of students of the programme is about 120. The students are first divided based on the subjects their taking. Then, they are split based on this. Let's say the number of students taking the same subjects are too much that it reaches 80 or so students, then they'll be split into smaller groups. For the 2011 batch, there are four groups. There are S1A, S1B, S1C and S1D. Those who are taking Further Mathematics or Law instead of Biology will be placed in S1A. Phew! I hope now you understand how students are split into smaller groups. In elementary and high school, we call the groups as "classes".
Next, the institute have Group Hour and Family Hour. Group Hour is a time when each group will occupy a room and basically discuss about the upcoming events or have certain pairs of students to present something to the group. The Family Hour is a time where ALL the members of the institute will gather at the hall and hear a talk, watch a video, etc.. Normally, a talk by a famous person or a notable person will be organized especially for students. Once, Hong Yi or her nickname, Red came for a talk. She talked about her inspirations and such. She even showed us a music video that was NOT RELEASED YET to us. We were the first viewers to have watched it. How lucky~? Hehe. ^^ Tutorials are times where you'll do some problem solving exercises for further understanding of the subject at hand. Hehe. ^^
The institute organizes a lot of events too. Students are of course the important drive for this. Lecturers are just advisors, the rest is up to the students. Ermmm.... What else? Hmmm.... I guess that's just about it. Hehe. ^^ For more info, please click this link here:
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Wait the minute!!! O_O

I just realized something! Why the heck did I write:

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when obviously my mind was shouting:
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Astaghfirullah-al-azim...  =.=" 

My Life as a Student at Institute Sinaran...

Hey there, everyone! ^^ I haven't updated, for that I'm truly sorry! Been very busy ever since December 2012. This is actually a post I wanted to publish last year, but since my schedule was pretty tight, I got no choice but to delay it. Anyway, the title says it all. I'm going to basically just talk about what my life was and is like in IS. You might find this post to be boring and uninteresting and you know as well as I do, you don't have to force yourself to read it. Well, this is A Day in My Life... As we're well informed, every life has their ups and downs. :) Anyways~, carry on! ^^

Here in IS, classes start as early as at eight o' clock in the morning for every weekdays. A normal class session would last for an hour and the shortest considering if there are any events going on, then classes will be either 50 minutes or 45 minutes long only. Depending on the course you're taking and which group you are in, the lastest classes will end for the day would be 4.00-4.30 p.m. Normally at about 5.00 p.m. no students will be around anymore. Believe me, the school looks deserted around that time. Let's just say, I experienced it before. My class ended at 4.00 p.m. but my parents picked me up at about 6 o' clock in the evening! I remember the CEO Madam Lim Khoon Chin jokingly said to me to get my parents buy me a car to drive to and fro college. Haha~...

Back to the main topic, let's see... Hmm... In the morning, I'd have classes until about 10.00 a.m. There will be a 20 minutes break and I'd take this opportunity to either go to the washroom, halal canteen or revising my studies. When class commences, back to STUDY MODE~. Haha! XD Anyways, at about 12.20 p.m. I'd either be having my lunch (that is if I didn't eat during the 20 minutes break) or pray at the musolla. The only place in the whole college I can truly unwind and forget about my problems. Although sad to say, the musolla is quite bare, it still has a cosy feeling to it. A place where I feel more collected and at peace for some reason. Nowadays, I'd study and do my revisions more frequently at the musolla instead of the library. There's nothing wrong studying in the musolla right? Since the function of musollas in the first is not to just pray, but also for religious discussions or better known as usrahs, studying, reading and other beneficial activities.

Told you, the post would be boring! Hehe. This is MY LIFE in IS. I'd focus as much as I can when class is in session, pray when it;s time and eat during breaks whenever I feel gastritis would attack me. And that's basically it! Haha! XD My life in IS may seem boring and relaxing, but in truth it's not. My schedule is extremely tight and hectic, sometimes I feel a fever's coming, but I survive nonetheless. Hmmm... I'm not sure what else I can talkl about, so yeah. I'll just end things here.

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