A Story: This Is My Ninja Way!

YES! You bet! It's about ninjas! Hehe. XD Well, not exactly 100% about ninjas though. It's kinda mixed with magic. Hehe. I'm still working on the story. Although I've posted chapter one and chapter two on FanFiction.net already, I'm planning on rewriting it. Like, SERIOUSLY I think my vocabulary was kinda limited back then. Even the sentence structure bothers me in some parts of the two chapters. ANYWAY~, in this entry, I'm going to talk a little bit about the story. Maybe it'll attract your attention? Hehe. ^^

The story is set in a world where ninjas roam. It's actually a fan fiction story, meaning to say that the story is set based on a show or book or any other things that I read or watched. In this case, the story is set in the world of the anime NARUTO~. Haha! XD Sounds cliche? Or maybe retarded? Sorry about that, I guess that's just me. ;)

Moving on, the main character of my story is a girl. A human girl who holds a WHOLE LOT of responsibilities. This will later be revealed. Hehe. I have SOOO MANY things running crazy around in my head! Hahahaha!!!! XD XD XD Sorry, sorry. I got offside again. Ehem. I'll talk about the character a bit later. By the way, the girl's name is Zara.

Well then, Zara was in the world of Naruto trying to solve a certain problem she's facing at the moment. She's trying to figure a way out to solve it. She did EVERYTHING she could think of with the little clue she was given. She settled in the village where Naruto (the main character of the anime Naruto lived), hunt for enemy ninjas threatening the village and even going as far as pretending to join the dark side of the ninja world just so she could solve this certain problem of hers.

Then, one faithful day, something unexpected happened. A dark force only she was familiar with found out where Zara was and followed her to the world she was in. Then, you just have to read to know what will happen next. Hehe. You might as well just read this entry without having to read the story if I told you everything right? Hehe. I hope that attracts your attention? Even for a little bit? So, please check out the story later when I post it and let me know what you think of it, okay? Thanks in advance, everyone! ^^

This is Erna signing off! Tut... Tut...


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