Onegaishimasu! >...<

First off, to clear things up for you guys:

You see, I created another blog called "A Hidden Passion". Basically, the blog is ALL about my passion for writing. Meaning to say that, the blog only contains the stories that I originally made myself. Yeah, I know it's weird since I'm studying to be a doctor, but I'm writing stories. Haha! XD Actually, writing is one of the only things I'm KINDA (just kinda) good at. SERIOUSLY. I'm not good at a lot of things, so you can see why I'm so VERY glad to have at least ONE THING I'm kinda good at. Anyway, why PLEASE as an entry title? Well, ermmm... Frankly speaking, I'd like to ask for A LITTLE help if you don't mind. Would any of you mind visiting the blog even if it's just for once? Maybe if you're diligent enough, share the blog with your friends? Well, I'm planning on publishing a book while I still have time to write. Of course, I want my book to be selling good coz if not, I'm not the only one dissapointed. The publishers who wasted so much money to publish my book and the readers who vomitted over and over because of the SOOOOO bad story will suffer. I don't want that! TT____TT I want my book to bring a pinch of happiness or maybe a little joy and laughter to fellow readers. I can't change the world. BUT, I can bring a little happiness and smile to their faces, right? RIGHT? So, yeah. Help me out here, PLEASE! ONEGAISHIMASU, minna-san! >....< In order to write a good story, I need feedbacks. So, yes. PLEASE. From the bottom of my heart, please help. Even if only for a little bit. Thank you everyone! :')

Oh! Almost forgot! Here's the link:
Please at least have a look or a peek would be okay too! >...<
Okay, I know. I sound desperate. Eww. Disgusting. I can't believe it. XP
This is Erna signing out! Tut... Tut... 


Anis Azziyati Juhari ツ

Erna-chan :)
maaflah tak boleh nak taip dlm BI .
apa kata erna cuba dlu jual story erna tu di SMP ? cuba introduce dlu dgn teachers . Erna kan salah satu student yg cmerlang dlm subjek BI ? Erna ckp la kat teachers nak jual kat junior spya dorg ada reference atau contoh cerita menarik cam erna . tak nak jual pun why not sumbangkan je .
klau Erna segan kat SMP , apa kata kat SMK Likas ? Anis boleh rekomen kat teachers di situ . ^^

kalau nak dptkan publisher Anis tak tau la . why not Erna try langkah kecil2 dlu ? sasaran -->sekolah dulu ! ^______^

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