After AS Ended...

Woah~… I haven’t updated for some time now, eh? Hehe. Anyway, AS exam is OVER! Woohoo! XD Finally! It was time to kick back and relax! One month of joy and fun, here I come! A big NO to that! Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately instead? I prefer fortunately though. Ehem! Anyway, Fortunately, those of the A-Level Ordinary Science have to attend another three weeks of school. Aww~… It doesn’t matter though coz things went pretty well. Classes are over now. YAY! XD For about two weeks only though. XP   

Back to the main point of this entry, I’m just basically gonna talk about what happened AFTER AS exam was over. Here’s a list:

1) After exam was over, the candidates were told that we still have another about three weeks of class, so NO HOLIDAYS. We were like: O_O WHAT IN THE WORLD-. We were surprised. We thought we’d be going for our holidays, but no. Classes await.

2) That night was barbeque night in collaboration with my cousin, Mohd. Idzral Abd Mumin’s birthday! So, yeah. It was kinda a last minute thing coz my parents do not remember my cousin’s birth date although they were well informed about his birth month. My father got a Tiramisu cake for my cousin. He said the clerk at a bakery told him that since he was turning 16, an age of sophistication, was it? I’m not sure myself, but I do remember my father saying Tiramisu would fit best! Hehe. ^^ My 21-year-old nephew got carbonated drinks as instructed by my mother and my aunt prepared the wet ingredients that were going to be barbequed that night. we had barbequed chicken, fish and squid that night. I didn’t go out though. I stayed inside until all of my cousin’s friends were gone coz I felt like a fever was coming that caused me to feel ever so weak and LAZY to get out of the room I was in and eat. A perfectly SOLID reason to as why I didn’t have a chance of even having a bite of the Tiramisu cake. Huhu. It’s okay though, I’m not into cakes. Besides, my father got me and my siblings some slices of two different types of cheese cakes. *gulped in fear* TRUST ME. The cakes were VERY cheesy! Haha! Seriously! You see, I have this problem of not being able to eat much cheese and mayonnaise. So, the cheese cakes almost made me vomit. I couldn’t handle the cheese. The cheese itself was kinda nice, but what made eating the cake unbearable was the foundation of the cheese cakes. IT TASTED STRANGE. My sister who’s a die-hard-lover of cheese cakes GAVE UP eating ONE SLICE of cheesy goodness!!! Imagine a cheese-tolerant person like me having one?! Nevermind, the point is it was a great barbeque night! Hehe. ^^v

3) The next day, my sister, younger brother and I went to 1Borneo to watch Rise of the Guardians~. Haha! IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! The movie was funny, hilarious in fact, cool and very entertaining. It was just plain awesome. I even got myself a new bag which I intended on using whenever I’m going to hangout or go for an outing and such. But I ended up having it as my school bag instead. Haha~. Anyways, so yeah. We had fun watching the movie, we went to see some CDs. TO BUY some CDs to be exact, checked out some books at Harris and eat at McDonald’s. Overall rating of the day: 5 STARS! Thank you Allah for blessing us with such a great day!

4) Since, it has been a while, I don’t exactly remember when we went shopping for school stuff. Hmmm… Anyway, then, we got some new things from Servay Hypermall! Woots! Hehe. ^^ The workers were like SO BUSY getting things in place. So, my siblings and I were like the first people to actually browse through the brand new stuff of school supplies. They were actually getting ready for “Back-to-School” event where customers would rush in at the last minute to buy their children stationary for school. My sister and I were the only two that ended up buying what we needed coz I had school remember, so yeah. I had no choice whereas my sister was buying whatever she needed so that she wouldn’t have to rush later. Besides, she had a lot of schoolwork to do, but she’s running low on supplies. Highlighters dried out, empty correction tapes, ink-less pens, rocky rulers (if you know what I mean) and bits of eraser. How can she study like that, right? Hahaha! XD

5) On Monday (26/11/2012), CLASS EXTENSION commenced. Yes, the classes were actually extensions. It was supposed to be holidays, but for some good and solid reasons, the college decided to have class extensions. Just in those 14 days of studying (3 Mondays, 3 Tuesdays, 3 Wednesdays, 3 Thursdays and 2 Fridays), we had 2 Chemistry small tests (I missed one coz I was at Kota Belud), 1 Biology test, 1 Statistics test and 1 Pure Mathematics test. Phew! I was absent for two days. One on the 2nd Thursday and the other on the 3rd Monday. I was sick on Thursday. I was down with a fever and I was still at Kota Belud on Monday coz a distant family member died the night before, so my mother suggested that we stayed so that she and my father could go to the funeral. So yeah. Anyways, overall rating: 3 STARS! Not bad, eh? Hehe. Only three coz there’s SO MUCH TESTS. Haha~. X’D I don’t like tests. It puts me into extra pressure. I’ve got too much pressure already anyway. Like, seriously. Whatever we learned on a particular day, I’D BE SURE TO REVISE AND TRY TO DO SOME EXERCISE ON IT THAT VERY DAY. Whenever there were free periods, don’t expect me to be at the Student Lounge. I’d be busy rewriting, updating and fixing my notes, going through some exercises and revising on what we have learned. My determination and commitment towards my study seemed to have like multiply by tenfold RIGHT AFTER the AS exam was over for some reason. Maybe one of the factor is coz I made a strong resolved to work harder THRICE HARDER than I did during AS. Although I felt like I worked my butt off for AS, I don’t think it’s enough. I need to push myself to the limit and at the same time not to forget to wind down every evening or during the weekends. I learned one important lesson from my classmates at Institute Sinaran:


I noticed that they spend some time to relax and hangout during the weekends. Even during the weekdays actually, but only in the late evening or night though. Most of which is different than me who always try to spend soooo much time studying with not much rest. In other words, I’m thankful for this important lesson. I applied this during my one month over of AS exam and during the three weeks of class extension. It made a big difference. One lesson was all that it take to make my days run much more smoothly and in a much better way. Thank you S1A, S1B, S1C and S1D of 2012 for teaching me this! I appreciate it. No wonder you guys are top students. You smarty-pants! Haha! XD

Hmmm… I think that’s about it. Hehe. ^^ I’ll be sure to post an entry on the AS exam later on. Right now, time for HARD WORK. Hehe. ^^ See ya later in the next posts to come! ^^


This is Erna signing out! Tut… Tut…


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