Stuck in Stress Ville

Hey there everyone! ^^ Sorry for not updating in a while. Been stuck in Kota Belud for a LONG TIME which REALLY REALLY REALLY IRRITATES ME TO NO END! So, yeah. Basically, this is the WORST HOLIDAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Seriously, staying  there is not exactly how I planned my ideal holiday would be. Here I thought I’d have a decent holiday of NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Like, seriously. I just wanna stay home and relax. Study at the library where there’s no disturbance. How incredibly beautiful my imagined-ideal-holiday. I was planning on getting a whole lot of things done, but since I’m stuck in the middle of an area where internet connection is literally down the drain, I could get ALMOST NOTHING DONE. This ache my heart SOOO MUCH, I nearly screamed at the top of my lungs. Instead of being able to wind down and de-stress myself, I just got MORE STRESSED OUT! ARGHHHH!!!!!!

*after a few moments of deep inhalation and exhalation and remembering Allah*

I wasn’t planning on pouring things out here, but I can’t help it. Hehe. XD I just need to blow some steam off. I’m well aware that Allah is the greatest of all planners. I trust in His judgement. :) He must be teaching me to be much more patient. Hehe. ^^ Well, I guess that’s it for this entry. See ya guys around! ^^


This is Erna signing out! Tut… Tut…


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