Last post for today! Maybe, hehe. It really depends. ^^

Here are just a few more anime quotes. Hehe. XD I posted A WHOLE LOT of quotes today. Some quotes truly touched me. I hope some were able to reach the depths of your heart too. Anime may be considered as "daily cartoons" by quite a lot of people. But really, they're not. Anime is something totally different. The storyline of animes are much more developed, each character has their own personality, traits and background story and normally anime conveys messages that are able to truly touch us and make us realize a few important things in life. Frankly speaking, I learnt a lot from anime. Anime has shaped a part of my personality and motivated me in either small or big ways without I, myself even realizing it. Well, anyway, enough talk. Let the pictures speak. Hehe. ^^

P/S: These are just some random images that I thought was interesting. I copied them from some blogs I stumbled upon. Hehe. ^^ 


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