SPM Results ^^

ALHAMDULILLAH! ^^ I may have not gotten what my family was hoping me to get, but at least it far exceeded my expectations! Hehehe. ^^ I thought I'd get the most 4A's, but then suddenly I got 9A's? ?_? What the heck? ?_? How the hell did that happen? ?_? I was so at lost at first, then I realized: GOD~! O_O 9A'S??!!! I was like so happy, my eyes were like so opened wide! Hahaha! XD I was kinda tired and sleepy at first actually, but it all went away when I found out about my results. I got 9A's and 2B's. Good enough. :) I don't mind not getting 11A+'s coz I know my limitations and capabilities. Oh well, I better get off the laptop now. I know some may not have gotten what they expected, but then... It's not the end of the world. :) Look outside for a moment. Can you see the world? If you can, then that means the sun is still lighting the Earth with its rays. That means it's not the end of the world, am I right?

Don't give up. There's still time to make up for all that disappointments. Work hard and you'll get to where you want to be. Just believe in yourself! Then, you'll get there! ^^

SPM Results & Smile...

Well, frankly speaking I'm not nervous as I should be. I'm not sure why, but for some reason it must be because Allah granted my prayers. I prayed to Allah to give me a strong heart that would not be shakened by anything but Himself and Islam. Well, I leave it all to Allah. He knows best after all. I did try my very best. I studied as hard as I could. Nobody knows that though. :) I am determined to not cry NO MATTER WHAT. :) I will not cry what-so-ever. I'll make my heart as strong as steel. As hard as a diamond. I won't be hurt that way. I've kept too much inside my heart. My heart's bursting already. Hahaha! ^^  Like I said, I won't cry. No matter how hurtful it is to laugh things off despite sad and depressing things, I WON'T CRY!! I'll be strong for my sake! I'll be strong! I'll be strong no matter what! No one believes in me anyway, so I'll just have to believe in myself. No one has faith in me, so I'll just have to have faith in myself. :) I'll smile no matter what. I am said of a lot of things. Negative things. :) It hurts, but I... I won't stop smiling. :) I'll smile till the end of my life, no matter the circumstances I'm in. :) I'll keep on smiling and smiling. I won't stop. Even if tears are welling up in my eyes, I'll stay smiling. I will. :')

I'm talking more about smiling and laughing, I know. Hahaha! ^^ Sadness is nesting in my heart at the moment. I can't concentrate on talking about SPM. Ngehehe. ^^ Anyway, I'm gonna cool down for awhile. :) I need to heal this heart that's been aching ever since it's very young. :') Gotta go people. I'm too sad to blog anything. Sorry about that...

Exam Results in 2 Days!

I took SPM last year. Well, just so you know, SPM is like an O Level for us Malaysians. I don't know what to say about my feelings when I took the exam. It went on for about a month for me and my classmates since we were taking 11 subjects. Here's the list of subjects:

1. Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language)
2. Bahasa Inggeris (English Language)
3. Bahasa Arab Tinggi (Arabic Language)
4. Mathematics
5. Additional Mathematics
6. Sejarah (History)
7. Biology
8. Chemistry
9. Physics
10. Pendidikan Al-Quran & As-Sunnah (Al-Quran & As-Sunnah Studies)
11. Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah (Syariah Islamiah Studies)

Ngehehe... ^^ My friends and I took a load of subjects. Anyway, the results are coming out in TWO days which means it'll be out on 21st March 2012. Everyone's gettiing nervous. I was a tad nervous earlier in March, but now... Somehow, the nervousness just went away. It's gone. I don't know why! XD I guess God answered my prayers. ^^ I asked for a calm and strong heart that would NEVER be shakened by anything except when it comes to Allah and Islam. Hehehe. ^^ Well, wish me and my friends luck people. Hopefully, we'll be able to obtain the BEST results that we can! ^^

Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste by Angie Sage

YAY! I just finished reading Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste. Ngehehe. ^^ I finished reading it a while ago, but I was a tad lazy to blog about it. Anyway, the story was AWESOME!! The main character, Septimus Heap along with his adoptive sister, Jenna and his best friend Beetle embarked on a thrilling and perilous journey that'll get you addicted reading the book! I was totally addicted. Trust me. I didn't sleep for nearly three days coz I couldn't stop reading the book. By far, Book Four is the thickest among the other three I read. I don't want to talk much to avoid any spoilers. All I can say is the book was AWESOME with spoonfuls of suspense and a pinch of dark. Ngehehe. ^^ I had fun reading the book. Yes, I have sorta panda eyes right now. I stayed up until it was well about 4 o' clock in the morning. High much? I know. HAHAHA! XD Anyway, I still greatly recommend you guys to try and read this novel series. Then again, the decision is yours. You don't won't know what you're missing. ;) Anyhow, here's a cover photo of Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste:

Hope you guys have fun reading it, IF you're planning on doing so. Hehehehe.... ^^

Instantly by Sergey Lazarev

Have any of you heard of this song? If you haven't you ought to listen to this song. It's a simple song but brings such deep meanings. To me, of course. Our opinions may vary. Anyway, I came upon this song when my sister showed me a video of Minato and Kushina - Father & Mother AMV. Hehehe. ^^ It was a simple video with lots of pictures of Minato and some of Kushina's. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. Minato and Kushina are two IMPORTANT supporting characters from the anime Naruto. ^^ Read through the lyrics below and spend some time listening to the song in the video. Anyway, enjoy people. ^^

I'm gonna write down what I can't say
I've gotta get these thoughts right out some way
I know it's only been a few short days
I'm coming from my heart
I only need today

Girl, I'm trying, I'm trying
When I close my eyes
I can't stop smiling
And now I know why

Only once in a life do you
Get a chance like this
I knew right from the start
I knew from the first kiss
I was chasing love
With no luck
Moving aimlessly
I don't need a long time
Coz with you I fell in love instantly

Every day I smile when I first rise
I hear you voice, I see your eyes
I'm lying down, I'm feeling high
It started right away and it's here for life

Girl, I'm trying, I'm trying
When I close my eyes, I can't stop smiling
And now I know why

Only once in a life do you
Get a chance like this
I knew right from the start
I knew from the first kiss
I was chasing love
With no luck
Moving aimlessly
I don't need a long time
Coz with you I fell in love instantly

It didn’t take long, but I know it’s true
I want to spend my life learning all of you

Only once in a life do you
Get a chance like this
I knew right from the start
I knew from the first kiss
I was chasing love
With no luck
Moving aimlessly
I don't need a long time
Coz with you I fell in love instantly

Only once in a life do you
Get a chance like this
I knew right from the start
I knew from the first kiss
I was chasing love
With no luck
Moving aimlessly
I don't need a long time
Coz with you I fell in love instantly
Here's the video. You don't have to actually watch the video. Just listen to the song, okay? ^^:

Cake-Baking Day with Friends :)

Yes, cake-baking! Hehehe ^^ . Last Sunday, on 11th March 2012, three of my friends came over my house. They were Nailah, Juwita and Aishah. Hehe ^^ . Nailah came at around 9 in the morning. We talked for hours and I showed her around the house a little. There was this side of her I never knew and she never showed back during the schooling days. That side of her was funny and kinda attached to her girl side, so yeah. Haha! Anyway, she came the earliest, then Juwita came. Aishah was the last one to arrive. Hehe ^^ . After praying for our Zuhur prayers or noon prayers, we started baking! Hehehehe... ^^

Nailah picked out the recipe from a site. She told me about it and all the indgredients are at my house except for two at the time, but no matter. She brought the ones that I didn't have. At about 1.30 in the afternoon, I started preparing the ingredients for the cake. I remember taking out butter, three eggs and condensed milk from the fridge. Then, I remember taking out castor sugar, wheat flour and cocoa powder from one of the many cabinets in my house's dry kitchen. My friends measured out the ingredients after I taught them how to read the scale. Then, I went to set up the mixer. I taught them how to use the mixer and set off to do some other things. It was fun all and all. They even helped me with the cooking which was a relief. ^^ Thanks, you girls rock! ^^

When the cake was done after about 55 minutes later, Juwita helped to cut it and we tasted the cake. I made the chocolate sauce while they were eating. It became a habit for me to do things while others are eating. Hehehe ^^ . Anyway, when I was done, I started eating. We talked a bit and they started distributing the pieces of cakes evenly among themselves. Hehe ^^ . Then, they poured some chocolate sauce on their pieces of cakes and sprinkle some toppings on them. I took out some duo chocolate chips, chocolate rice and chocolate chips for them to use. I doubt that they'll use the almond bits. By the way, the cake tasted AWESOME! Hehehe ^^ . It was a fun day and I enjoyed it. I hope they did too. ^^

Kasanova by Stacy

Maybe some of you here have heard of this song before. Kasanova is a malay song sung by Stacy. Well, personally I don't really like the song. It's just that listening to the song truly reminds me of a character from the game Tekken 5. The character's name if Lee Chaolan. Some of my family members call him Kasanova due to ermm.. A character vid of him when we completed the story mode using his character in the Tekken 5 game. We laughed hard and because of the vid, he earned the name "Kasanova" from my family members. Obviously kasanova means Casanova. The spelling's a bit different, but the meaning is still the same though. Anyway, whenever I listen to the song, I'll be truly reminded of Lee Chaolan. I know, silly of me. It's kinda nostalgic though. Well, anyway, here's how Lee Chaolan looks like:

Those two are just a few of Lee Chaolan's poses. Hehe. ^^ Anyhow, here's the music video of Kasanova by Stacy:

The Lorax

Okay, maybe some of you here never heard of "The Lorax". The Lorax is actually the name of a movie I watched recently. We were actually going to watch John Carter, but it turned out that the next showtime for John Carter was 11.50 p.m. and it was just 9.00 p.m. back then. We ended up watching TWO movies in one night. The first movie we watched, none other than Lorax. It's an animated movie about Lorax who was the guardian of the forest who speaks on behalf of the trees as he said.

I won't talk about the details of the movie here. I'll just be giving my views and what I think of the movie, so don't worry about spoilers. ;) Hehehe. ^^

The movie started with a little musical. The song I admit was VERY interesting and it really shows SELFISHNESS which truly reflects the nature of some of us human. The opening song also tells us a lot about what's the main PROBLEM in the story. You'll be able to tell if you focus instead of just munching away your snacks. Hehe. Most of the songs in the story were great and gave a lot of life lessons and tell us about the nature of most humans. In short, the songs are GREAT! ^^ The graphics are awesome as well. They had some sort of a resemblance to Despicable Me since it is created from the same studio. Some characters are cute, funny, crazy, etc. etc. You know what I mean! ^^

The story was FILLED with life lessons, humour, moe scenes and loads more! It cannot be described in one word, I must say. I actually shed some tears, well a drop or two perhaps since I was very touched at the message the story was trying to convey. My eyes were all watery especially when nearing the end of the movie, all the characters in the story started singing together to save "something" ever so precious. I was sooo touched coz I thought that, wouldn't the world be a better place for everyone if we did the very same thing here in real life?

Anyway, I don't wanna tell too much about the movie. I know most people certainly do not like spoilers, so I'll stop here. Have fun watching the movie, IF you're planning on it that is. ^^

Septimus Heap Novel Series by Angie Sage.

I like to read books!!! Woots for me! Hehe. Joking~. Anyway, ever heard of the Harry Potter novel series? Yes, the ever so popular books that are turned into movies. I must admit the Harry Potter series lay out an interesting and unique plot which is very entertaining. J.K Rowling outdid herself, I must say. But then, I'm not here to talk about Harry Potter. Did you notice that the Harry Potter novels cost a fortune? Well, not a REAL fortune or anything, but one things is clear and that is they are EXPENSIVE! I might be a fan, but I am unable to buy even a SINGLE novel of the series. I had to watch the movies instead and borrowed one from a friend of mine. The language is kinda heavy as well which is good but poor kids some may not understand unless they buy the kids version. Then here's the big question I really wanted to ask, what about those who LOVES reading magical stories, but doesn't have that much income to buy ALL the novels? It's really normal for us readers to want to have a collection of it, right? So here's another alternative. The plot is equally interesting (I find it sometimes even more interesting) to that of the Harry Potter series. The novel series is called, Septimus Heap. YES! It's a name of a boy too. Hehehe. ^^ This novel may also "open up a new chapter" in your lives as you venture out to read more magical adventures. Hehehe. ^^

I've read the first book and I found findself ADDICTED reading it. I couldn't stop! I was galloping through the pages! Eager to know what happens next. The price for that book was unbelievable as well! Who would've thought a book as interesting as Harry Potter would be THAT cheap! I couldn't believe my eyes actually. I'm currently reading the third book and honestly speaking, I can't wait to read the fourth book as well. The language is not heavy too. It's kinda light and easy to understand which would greatly help kids understand the story as well. The covers, make you feel as if you are holding an ancient book of some sort and the few illustrations REALLY HELPS you imagine how the characters look like and believe it or not, while reading it you can actually see a MOVIE playing ever so clearly in your head! Angie Sage takes care of ALL of her characters. From the main to the supporting and even VERY SMALL CHARACTERS, such as Stanley the Rat! She tells the story ever so wonderfully that you can actually imagine yourself in the story. At least, I did!

Unlike the Harry Potter series where two worlds co-exist, one being the muggle world and the other the magic world, the Septimus Heap series location setting is only in ONE WORLD. No other worlds, no other dimensions. JUST ONE WORLD. No confusing transfers or apparation, just normal lives lived in a world where Magyk, Physik, Alchemie, dragons, ghosts, spirit-seer, notable queens, OrdinaryWizard, ExtraOrdinaryWizard, charms, scrolls and many other magical people and things are. I highly recommend you people to read it as you'll find yourself not just entertained, but the yearning for to read magical adventures also satisfied. If you know what I mean. Hehehe. ^^ Give it a try and you'll see yourself engrossed in it and addicted to it as you were before, back when Harry Potter was the most talked about magical adventure. Hehe. ^^ The feeling will be like deja vu as the excitement when reading the Septimus Heap series is mutual to that when you were reading the Harry Potter series. Trust me, that's how I felt. Wouldn't you want that good feeling back too? ^^

Here's a few pictures of the covers of the books. Like I said, I'm currently reading the thirs one:

Favourite Anime Character (Part One) - Yuri Shibuya

Okay, I'm going to talk a bit about one of my favourite character from the anime God(?) Save Our King! or its japanese title, Kyo Kara Maoh! The name of my favourite character here is Yuri Shibuya. Here's a picture of him:                                                  

As you can see, he is a MALE. Hehe. ^^ He has those typical innocent round eyes which are black that matches his black hair perfectly. His appearance explain a lot about his personality. First off, he is a kind and very naive teenager. He trusts people easily to the point of being used at times without he, himself realizing it. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. He is a DEMON KING! Hahaha! ^^ Yes! An innocent demon king. Okay, maybe some of you here never watched the anime series, so I'll get this straight. The demon race is a not a race of demons with wings or anything nor evil ones too. They are called demons for their abilities to have a pack with an element and control that certain element. Water is Yuri's main element as he is seen most of the time using water dragons when in "Maoh Mode". For more info, you better watch anime yourself. It's an entertaining and funny anime, I must say so myself.

Alright then, back to Yuri. Yuri is born in July and loves playing baseball. He has a best friend and seems to be the only friend he is ever close to, which is Ken Murata. Ken himself has secrets that he keeps to himself. Well, I'll talk about him later since he is ALSO one of my fave characters. Yuri usually wears his black school uniform while being in the world where the demon race is despised by the human race. I forgot to mention, the location setting of this anime is a universe where two worlds exist. One world is a place where demons and humans dwell whereas the other one where COMPLETELY NORMAL HUMANS live. Yuri is actually born in the completely normal world, but his blood is a mix of both worlds. Hehe. ^^ I wish I could explain more, but it'll be a HUGE spoiler and I know how some people just simply HATE spoilers.

Moving on, Yuri lives in a kinda normal family with his demon father from a different world (he didn't know at first), completely normal human mother and a half-demon older brother. Both he and his brother, Shori are chosen for greatness as both are chosen as Maoh or Demon King. Shori was chosen as the Maoh of Earth (the world where their completely normal mother is from) while Yuri held a bigger responsibility as he was chosen as the Maoh. The true demon king of their father's world. Shori proves to be more powerful than Yuri at times, nevertheless that never became the reason for them to fight. As the series progresses, you'll be able to see the reason why Yuri was so strong despite not having any training with his powers.

Like I said before, Yuri is very NAIVE. His naivety caused the former Maoh who was a woman to name a flower she bred as Filled with Yuri's Naivety. A funny name for a flower, nevertheless acceptable. Hehehe... ^^ Yuri is also caring towards other people and has changed the perspective of  many through his actions. His greatest wish is for humans to get along with demons. The demon race do not despise the human race, but it is the human race that are afraid of them due to their ability to control elements at their will. Both demon and human race have VERY weird traditions, customs, celebrations and laws as well. Some are just plain cruel like one of the human race, where anyone who are related to a demon by means of marriage or whatsoever will be enslaved. A lot and mainly women were enslaves. The demon husbands? Either killed, locked up or tortured. Nothing could be done to save them.

As a conclusion, Yuri is a character who is strong at heart and do not give up easily although there are times when things get either too difficult or out of hand. He would do anything to make his wish come true as he truly believes that war would only bring about destruction and no good will come out of it. In other words, Yuri is trying to create world peace where both demon race and human race live harmoniously with each other and not quarrel. Yuri inspires me a lot in terms of being resilient. He taught me the most important thing to create world peace and that is to BE PATIENT AND KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU CAN IN YOUR OWN WAY TO CREATE PEACE. In order to bring peace to the world, one must be patient as peace is not created overnight and to just keep doing what you can and capable of doing no matter how small it is as long as it helps create and promote world peace. Yuri is a big inspiration in an aspect of my life and I hope that one day, this world of ours will finally obtain world peace through miraculously the rising of people with principles like Yuri Shibuya or just us normal humans working together hand in hand to create world peace where war is out of the question. ;)

Well, I guess that's all. Hehe. I know it's not TOTALLY about Yuri, but it really can't be help since I'm trying to avoid MAJOR SPOILERS~! Hehehe... ^^ Anyway, try watching the anime, you'll find it rather amusing and enlightening. Hehehe... ^^

Amirah Sahrudin

Amirah Sahrudin is one of my besties name. Hehe. She's a quiet one most of the time, but when she has something to say, she'll say it. She has a nice voice that sounds just soft and sweet. Hehe. ^^ Thanks to some of our friends, they managed to get her to sing for a nasheed back in 2009. Hehe. Otherwise, her talent will just be a HIDDEN talent if it's not shared. Last time, I heard she had vocal classes. Impressive? Hahaha! ^^ I know. Mira is also very passionate about stories. She just like writing stories, she writes them pretty damn well too. Haha! ^^ She likes korean dramas, singers, songs and plenty of other things. She used to have a thing for vampires as well. Hahaha!! Oh, I forgot to mention. She also has a liking for Bill Kaulitz before. Nevertheless, Mira is a loyal and kind friend. Sometimes she looks a little bit too fragile due to her built. Sorry~ Mira-chan.... Hehehe... ^^" But, of course don't take her to be a weakling or a softie coz she's a lioness at heart. Careful~.. Don't pick on her just because you think you can people. Otherwise, you'll find yourself torn to tiny pieces. Hehehe.. ^^


Let's talk about a bit about one of my interests. I just love watching animes! Hehe. ^^ I'm currently watching a whole lot of animes and I still haven't finich watching all of the episodes~. Huhu TT_TT. Anyway, here's a list of animes that I'm watching:
1. Black Cat
2. Black Jack
3. Black Butler
4. Darker Than Black
5. Yu Yu Hakusho
6. Cardcaptor Sakura
7. Chronicles of the Wings
8. Kyo Kara Maoh!
9. Slam Dunk
10. Dear Boys
11. Beelzebub
12. Baka and Test: Summon the Beast!
13. Angel Beats
14. Tales of the Abyss
15. Toward the Terra
16. Tears to Tiara
17. Beyblade Metal Fight
18. Pokemon
19. Digimon
20. Detective Conan
21. Naruto
22. One Piece
23. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
24. Code Geass
25. Samurai X
26. Dragon Ball
27. Prince of Tennis
28. The Law of Ueki
29. Saiyuki Reload Gunlock
30. Maid-sama
31. Ranma ½
32. Blood+
33. Gakuen Alice
34. Jigoku Shoujo
35. Fairy Tail
36. Baby UFO
37. Colourcloud Palace
38. Hikaru no Go
39. Ouran High School Host Club
40. Fate/Stay Night
41. Sailormoon
42. Doraemon
43. Bleach
44. .hack//Roots
45. Air Gear
46. 07-Ghost
47. Inazuma Eleven
48. Kekkaishi
49. Shounen Onmyouji
50. Letter Bee
51. Clannad
52. Curious Play
53. Hayate The Combat Butler
54. Inuyasha The Final Act
55. K-ON!
56. Yu-Gi-Oh!
57. Princess Tutu
58. Princess Princess
59. Nurarihyon no Mago
60. Nodame Cantabile
61. XxHolic
62. La Corda Doro Primo Passo
63. Yakitate! Ja-Pan
64. Stigma of the Wind
65. Lucky Star
66. Clamp School Detectives
67. Chrome Shelled Regios

WAKAKAKA!!! XD There's a lot, I know. I'm currently trying my very best to buy ALL of the CD's about my fave animes. Hehe. Wish me luck, people! ^^

My Class (2011)

Well, there's about 25 students in my class back when I was a high schooler. Each of us were different, I must say! We got along quite well and I do have to admit myself, although the year was a tough one for us with all those tests and exams it still was a memorable year. There's always something you can smile and laugh about. Well, life does have it's own ups and downs, right? Anyway, here's the 24 classmates of mine I was talking about (I'm listing them according to table arrangement, starting from the very right):

1. Nurul Farah Natasha Rosli: Well, what I can say is Farah's the Vice Head Prefect of school. People look up to her a lot and seek for her advice from time to time. She's also one of the top ten students of our form. Impressive? You ain't hear nothing yet. Haha! She's also very active in co-curricular activities and not to mention participating in contests and competitions. Teachers set high hopes for her since she seems to always excel in whatever she's doing. Well, it's really no wonder, knowing the kind of person she is. But, she's no TOTAL BOOK WORM, oh no no no. She's like any outgoing friends of mine who likes to hang around with their buddies. A good quality for a leader, don't you think so? Haha! ^^ Who knows? She might be the First Lady of Malaysia? Hahaha! ^^

2. Nur Syahidatul Syuhada Mokhtar: First of, she's one lucky girl. Haha! That's coz she's one of the only friends that I call by her nickname. I call her Kecik by the way. Hehe. Anyway, she's a shy girl when meeting new people from what I see, but when it comes to people she's used to or perhaps when she's in public with the people she's close to, she's as outgoing as ever! You won't believe your eyes when you see the difference in characteristics! Haha! For about two years in a row she sits next to Azaliah who seem to have some sort of an influence on her. Why? Coz Kecik listens to ALMOST each one of Azaliah's advice. Haha! Kecik is also a lively person who likes to hang out with her friends.

3. Nur Azaliah Sahat: She's a quite and very spiritually concious if you know what I mean. She's always worried about the things that she does, whether it is okay or not to do something. She has a firm connection with God which is a very good example to all. According to a friend, whenever she looks at Azaliah, she reminds her of God which is a good thing coz friends who reminds you of your creator are good friends to have. Azaliah is also a shy one. She can be funny at times but most of the time she listens to what others have to say. A very good listener indeed. She doesn't dare  go against her parents' words and would study all day to get good grades for school. She's also one of the top ten students of our form. Haha! ^^ She's a TOTAL BOOK WORM, I must say! A perfect candidate for the next generation of scientists, don't you agree?

4. Hasmira Daud: Hasmira is a strict prefect. It's not just me who thinks that way, a majority of the people who knows who Hasmira is would say the very same thing. Haha! ^^ She's a very commited prefect who would do all she could to complete any tasks at hand. She's also a determined student as she studies as hard as she could to improve her grades. Despite getting quite bad grades sometimes, she never backs down and just keeps on studying while at the same time complete any tasks given by the prefect teachers. Her commitment is something people should make an example of, I must say. She's one of the popular prefects in school besides Farah, Juwita, Hanifah and Afyra. Wooo *whistles* they're one popular bunch! Wherever they go, there must be AT LEAST a few students greeting them as a sign of respect and acknowledgement. Woah O_O. They sound like VIP's! WAKAKA!!! XD Anyway, she sits beside me and sometimes she would share and talk about her problems to me. We'll always try to help each other out as much as we could. Hehe. Well, what are "neighbours" for, right?

5. Siti Amirah Abdul Nasser: Siti Amirah is a "complex" one. Trust me, sometimes even I don't get her. I'm serious here and I've known her since we're 13. Anyway, she's what people say a person who likes to be in the spotlight. She wishes to be a doctor but has a liking for directing, acting and singing as well. She's good at playing the piano and guitar. A muse, I must say. Although she's planning to take up medical studies, her interests and what she does is more to entertainment. You know what I mean! Hahaha! ^^ In any case, she's a person who shows her emotions no matter what. She can be noisy, crasy, quite, etc etc. It all depends on her mood. In terms of personality, she has some similarity to Fadilah and only they could understand each other ever so well. Whenever Fadilah gives her advice, she'll listen to them and do what she can according to the advices given to her.

6. Zulaikha Ibrahim: Zulaikha is a quite a quiet one. She has a very deep liking towards music. To put things simply, she LOVES music. What kind? I don't know. XD I'm not the kind into music, so yeah. Anyway, she's a girl with a determined heart who always tries her best to excel in whatever she's doing no matter the circumstances. She's into fashion as well. She's the only daughter in her family and is pretty close to her mother. Zulaikha's quite a complex one as well, BUT not as complex as Amirah is. Haha! ^^ They're best friends by the way. Zulaikha happens to be best friends with Shafiqah as well. A weird sort of relationship, but oh well. The world is a weird place after all.

7. Nur Shafiqah Tarhata Yussuf: Ah, Shafiqah. She's a quite girl in class. Well, that's the facade of course. In fact, she's one of the liveliest girl in class! Trust me! Sometimes she goes crazy and you'll go like: IS THAT SHAFIQAH?! LIKE, WHAT THE HECK?! O_O Hahaha!! ^^ Some teachers could not believe it either. Well, that's just how she is. But, I asure you, even though she sounds like those typical party girls, well SHE'S NOT. She's a kind hearted-girl who cares for her friends and very loyal to them no matter what. She's not the type that hold grudges, even if she does, it'll disappear soon, trust me. That's just the kind of girl I know her as. Anyway, she likes Mathematics a whole lot and would try to score an A for it whenever she could. She's a mature girl who's good at acting and making people laugh at her crazy acts. Hahaha! ^^ Who knows, right? In the future, we might see her showing up in international movies.

8. Juwita Junit: Well, Juwita is the big sister-like figure in class. She's mature in voicing ideas and is a very caring person, especially towards her family. She has a nice voice who students in this school come to like. She's also very popular among students, even the afternoon sessions knows her! Like I said, she's one of those popular prefects. She always thrive to produce works of high standard, regardless of the difficult situations she's in sometimes. She's a determined girl who wants to be the best she can and will do whatever it takes to complete ANY tasks at hand. She's good with her hands as well, as she has a very nice handwriting, able to draw very well and good designer as well. Her designing skills are great and that's the quality that helped us a lot in making our class ever so welcoming and cheerful. She's also very diligent and a good example to all. She's probably the most mature student in our class. Life difficulties teaches her a lot.

9. Darmina Munta: Well, Mina is also a quite one when class is in session, but when time calls for it, she'll be one of the noisiest! Hahaha! ^^ She's one of the jokers of our class and also one of the regular actresses of our class sketches. She's a good and funny one indeed. Mina is also a very determined student. She always does her best to improve herself and her grades. Whenever the teachers are not in, she'd study and revise all she could. She's a fun one to hang around with as well and does not mind the jokes people make about her. Playful jokes of course, coz who would want to hurt an innocent person's feelings, right? She's a sporting girl who does not anger easily. A patient one indeed. Haha! ^^

10. Arniyanty Ahmad: Arnie is a quite one, but when it comes to chatting with her friends, you'll go WOAH. She certainly does have a lot to talk about, I must say. When not studying in class, she'll either revise OR talk with her closest friends to get rid of boredom and drowziness. Haha! ^^ She's a determined one as well. She'll do whatever she can to finish up any tasks given to her. She also aspires to be a syariah lawyer. VERY ambitious indeed. Her marks for PSI, PQS and BAT are high and excellent which truly reflects her capability as a syariah lawyer. Haha! Truthfully speaking, she's the ONE AND ONLY student in our class who dares to take up the challenge to be a syariah lawyer. The rest of us, well have different ambitions and dreams that has nothing to do with laws. Hats off to Arnie! ^^

11. Rosliah Razalee: She's the live of the party and the joker of our class. She's also one of the excellent and regular actresses of our class as well. She always strive to be the best she could in the easiest ways and means as possible. She's always trying to avoid too much work to be done. Hehe. ^^ Rosliah likes Mathematics a whole lot and shows great enthusiasm when it's time for Maths classes. She likes to hang around her closest friends or her group KeCrewRuOne (if I'm not mistaken). The group consists of all of her closest friends and she herself of course. They have a uniform T-shirt each which they use everytime they go out together. Well, ALMOST everytime. Haha! ^^

12. Noraishah Kadir: Aishah's a extremely determined and diligent person. She studies hard for all her subjects and thrives to be the best and is determined to beat Farah. She always completes her homeworks and still has time to watch korean dramas and shows. Impressive? I  know. Haha! ^^ Rosliah is one of her closest friend as well. She's fairly tall and is an ambitious one as well. She's a good example to all when it comes to producing works of high standards. Aishah is not a TOTAL BOOK WORM as well. Seriously, she's also one of those loud girls who loves to have fun! Haha! ^^ She likes to hang out with her closest friends, but still has enough time to be the top ten students of our form. I know right? Hahaha! ^^

13. Siti Hajar Samian: Hajar is the mother-like figure in our class. She's a patient and quiet one. She's very spiritual concious as well. She's also a very sporting girl who would do what she can to help other people. She's a good example to other students as she always tries to bring them along to do good deeds. Sounds like a religiour teacher? I know, I know, that's why we look up to her. Hehe. ^^ She's a loyal and very loving person as well. She cares about her friends and would miss them a lot when not meeting each other for a long time. A rare friend indeed. She does her job as a good friend and as the vice class monitor very well which makes us respect her more. Hajar is also a funny girl who always has funny things to talk about. Did I mention that she's very determined to excel as well? Hehe. ^^

14. Dg. Atika Farhana Mohamad: Atika's a very quiet and fragile one. Hehe, sorry~. BUT, it's true though! She's a fair and delicate looking girl who voices her thoughts only when she needs to. She doesn't talk much about her opinions as she seems to agree just fine with everything. Atika's also a determined one as she would study when the teachers are not in class and would bravely tell the rest when they're making too much noise that distracts her. Atika is a close friend of Nahirah. They may seem like a weird pair, but together they're strong! Each understand who each other are and understands the circumstances each others' are in. Atika can be funny sometimes and she seem to always talk the most to her closest friends, mostly with Nahirah.

15. Nahirah Mohd. Jainar: Nahirah is what she say as a VERY LAZY person. Yet, she excels in her studies and her homeworks always seem to be done. She sounds a lot like a REAL LIVE Shikamaru Nara from the anime Naruto, doesn't she? WAKAKA! XD She's a very smart girl who does not like to trouble herself with trivial matters as it will eventually give her a headache. She loves to read novels a lot! She can completely finish reading a novel in one day given she has all the day for herself. She's a laidback girl who tries to do things and complete tasks in the easiest ways and means as possible. She likes things easy and intends to make sure it stays that way. Haha! ^^ She doesn't like to stay and linger all day at home, she just wants to go out. She's a mature girl who is very capable of taking care of her own well-being.

16. Nur Afyra Ashyiqin Aludin: Afyra's one of the popular prefects of our school. She participated in the most number of competitions and contests compare to othe students. She is active mainly in sports events and co-curricular activities. Despite being the first daughter and having grown up in an envirenment filled with guys, she still has some connections with her female side. She likes funny jokes and is determined to be a doctor. She aspires to be a doctor and study in Jordan to get the recognition. She's also a good friend and is often mistaken to be Tipah since both of them have some sort of a resemblance though both of them come from COMPLETELY different families. Afyra's well known by the teachers and students to the point of having "adik angkat" requests from a lot of juniors in our school. Who knows in the future, we'll have a specialist who also is a professional sports player? Hehe. ^^

17. Nur Hanifah Kastian: Tipah is one of the popular prefects of our school. She's an active student who competes in a lot of competitions as well. She has a nice voice as well that made her quite famous in school as she is an active nasheed singer. Tipah is also a very determined student who thrives to be the best she could and always try to improve herself particularly in English and Additional Mathematics. She never gave up studying despite being busy with her prefect duties. A good example to all, don't you think? Hehe. ^^ I forgot to mention, according to surveys and some OVERHEARD conversations, hehe, Tipah has good looks. Get what I  mean? WAKAKA! XD

18. Nurul Suhaina Jasmih: Suhaina is a quiet one, but voices her thoughts quite often in class. She's someone who stands her ground no matter what and would do anything to help her friends and do whatever is for a good cause. She's a hard-working student who studies hard to get good grades for her exams. She's one of the top accounting students of our form who improves a lot as time gradually pass by. She's a beauty and I'm not kidding. Guys fall head over heels for her according to what I heard. She's a friend who has her own way of caring for her friends and would do her best not to offend anyone. She's also not shy to ask for help whenever she needs it. Suhaina is an example of a good student, I must say so myself.

19. Nurul Fathihah Saad: She's the quiet one most of the time, but when she laughs, don't expect quietness much. Haha! ^^ She's a close friend of Afiqah and likes pink and cute things. She tries to do her best when it comes to studying. Fathihah cares a lot about how she looks, in short her appearance. She likes cats and angry birds a lot. She is a sensitive girl and cries quite easily. She's a soft girl who has a VERY STRONG connection with her female side. Trust me, she doesn't show the slightest sign of a male side. Haha! ^^ Yes, she's VERY feminine.

20. Fadilah Amir: Fadilah likes Gaara from the anime Naruto a lot. She's a caring girl who cares about her friends a whole lot. She'd try to help as much as she can as long as she is capable. Fadilah tries her very best to excel in her studies and reads books a lot. When she doesn't understand something, she'd ask for the teachers' help until she's able to understand a certain concept. She also likes to write stories and not to mention is kinda into fashion. She's a reserved girl who may not hang out much, but that doesn't mean she's an outdated girl. She watches the news a lot and very updated when it comes to newest issues showing on television. Ask her about it, you might find out about things easier than searching it on the net. Haha! ^^

21. Norsaidatul Akmal Saidi: I call Saidatul as Along. Hehe. ^^ She's an old classmate back in elementary school. She cares a lot about her appearance. She's hyperactive and is a close friend of Afiqah. She loves reading novels, particularly love novels. Haha! ^^ She's a hyperactive girl who likes to go up and about, but stays quiet and very weak when she's drained out of energy. Sounds a bit like energizer bunny, doesn't she? Hehe. ^^

22. Nailah Firafisyah Haji Asli: Nailah just loves baking! Hehe. ^^ She just loves baking cakes and all. Anything about pastry to be exact. She's a down-to-earth girl who talks when she has to, but remain silent when she has nothing to say. Nailah can be funny sometimes and always tries her absolute best to improve herself and be the best that she could be. She may be quiet, but never judge a book by it's cover. When the time calls for it, she'll show her fangs to you. Haha! ^^

23. Afiqah Farwizah Abekan: Afiqah is a lively girl. Sometimes I call her Panda. She laughs her heart out, literally her heart out and not hold back. She likes romance and lovey dovey things. Hehe. ^^ She cries ever so easily when it comes to sad and tragic love stories. Panda is sure soft when it comes to those sort of things. Haha! Nevertheless, she's a good friend who tru;y cares about her friends. She easily misses them when parted for quite a long time. Haha! ^^

24. Dg. Nazurah: Nazurah's a mysterious girl in my eyes. She keeps things to herself and not tell others of it most of the time. She's the "police" of our class since she's the only one who joined the Police Cadet of our school. On top of that, she has this aura that causes everyone to fall silent when she tells us to be quiet. WAKAKA! XD It happens for a few times already. She only voices out when she has to and when the need arises. Nevertheless, she's fun to be around and she's funny too. She smiles a lot as well.

WOAH! I could write more, but my hands are exhausted. XD I'm too tired too write anymore. God~... WAKAKA! XD Anyway, this is from my point of view and how see them as after talking and being their friends for quite sometime. They're good friends, I guess I'm the only bad "keeper" in my class. :)

A Song of Magic World

Well, let's just say I have a thing for composing lyrics and try to come up with suitable music. I  have no idea why! Hahaha! Since I don't play a SINGLE musical instrument, I just have to rely quite a lot on my imagination and my voice's ability to create the exact sounds I want for my pieces. HAHAHA! XD Anyway, let me know what you think, okay? Hehheh... ^^

Title: A Song of Magic World

In a world where war takes place
Where light and dark fight for their rights
Where children are soldiers at eight
One thing you must bear in mind

Light and dark are different things
Never do they ever mix
Constant war that separates
Life is defined as this

In a world where light and dark
Always fight to take control
Each with their own way to win
Victory is everything

In a world where war takes place
Even colour of the skin
Differs from each other
Light is fair and dark is grey

In a world where we came from
Is a place unreachable
A place where happiness can be found
Only through sacrifices
Through endless sacrifices…

Hey! ^^

Hey everyone! ^^ This is, well just call me Erna. This is my VERY FIRST post for this little blog of mine. Well, ermmm... I'm kinda weird, a bit crazy but average nonetheless. I'm still ever so young, hehe. I dream to be the best I can and I hold on to a motto that goes like this:


Hehehe.. ^^ Anyway, feel free to look around my blog and who knows? You might stumble upon some things that you were looking for? Hehe. ^^