Amirah Sahrudin

Amirah Sahrudin is one of my besties name. Hehe. She's a quiet one most of the time, but when she has something to say, she'll say it. She has a nice voice that sounds just soft and sweet. Hehe. ^^ Thanks to some of our friends, they managed to get her to sing for a nasheed back in 2009. Hehe. Otherwise, her talent will just be a HIDDEN talent if it's not shared. Last time, I heard she had vocal classes. Impressive? Hahaha! ^^ I know. Mira is also very passionate about stories. She just like writing stories, she writes them pretty damn well too. Haha! ^^ She likes korean dramas, singers, songs and plenty of other things. She used to have a thing for vampires as well. Hahaha!! Oh, I forgot to mention. She also has a liking for Bill Kaulitz before. Nevertheless, Mira is a loyal and kind friend. Sometimes she looks a little bit too fragile due to her built. Sorry~ Mira-chan.... Hehehe... ^^" But, of course don't take her to be a weakling or a softie coz she's a lioness at heart. Careful~.. Don't pick on her just because you think you can people. Otherwise, you'll find yourself torn to tiny pieces. Hehehe.. ^^


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