Cake-Baking Day with Friends :)

Yes, cake-baking! Hehehe ^^ . Last Sunday, on 11th March 2012, three of my friends came over my house. They were Nailah, Juwita and Aishah. Hehe ^^ . Nailah came at around 9 in the morning. We talked for hours and I showed her around the house a little. There was this side of her I never knew and she never showed back during the schooling days. That side of her was funny and kinda attached to her girl side, so yeah. Haha! Anyway, she came the earliest, then Juwita came. Aishah was the last one to arrive. Hehe ^^ . After praying for our Zuhur prayers or noon prayers, we started baking! Hehehehe... ^^

Nailah picked out the recipe from a site. She told me about it and all the indgredients are at my house except for two at the time, but no matter. She brought the ones that I didn't have. At about 1.30 in the afternoon, I started preparing the ingredients for the cake. I remember taking out butter, three eggs and condensed milk from the fridge. Then, I remember taking out castor sugar, wheat flour and cocoa powder from one of the many cabinets in my house's dry kitchen. My friends measured out the ingredients after I taught them how to read the scale. Then, I went to set up the mixer. I taught them how to use the mixer and set off to do some other things. It was fun all and all. They even helped me with the cooking which was a relief. ^^ Thanks, you girls rock! ^^

When the cake was done after about 55 minutes later, Juwita helped to cut it and we tasted the cake. I made the chocolate sauce while they were eating. It became a habit for me to do things while others are eating. Hehehe ^^ . Anyway, when I was done, I started eating. We talked a bit and they started distributing the pieces of cakes evenly among themselves. Hehe ^^ . Then, they poured some chocolate sauce on their pieces of cakes and sprinkle some toppings on them. I took out some duo chocolate chips, chocolate rice and chocolate chips for them to use. I doubt that they'll use the almond bits. By the way, the cake tasted AWESOME! Hehehe ^^ . It was a fun day and I enjoyed it. I hope they did too. ^^


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