Favourite Anime Character (Part One) - Yuri Shibuya

Okay, I'm going to talk a bit about one of my favourite character from the anime God(?) Save Our King! or its japanese title, Kyo Kara Maoh! The name of my favourite character here is Yuri Shibuya. Here's a picture of him:                                                  

As you can see, he is a MALE. Hehe. ^^ He has those typical innocent round eyes which are black that matches his black hair perfectly. His appearance explain a lot about his personality. First off, he is a kind and very naive teenager. He trusts people easily to the point of being used at times without he, himself realizing it. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. He is a DEMON KING! Hahaha! ^^ Yes! An innocent demon king. Okay, maybe some of you here never watched the anime series, so I'll get this straight. The demon race is a not a race of demons with wings or anything nor evil ones too. They are called demons for their abilities to have a pack with an element and control that certain element. Water is Yuri's main element as he is seen most of the time using water dragons when in "Maoh Mode". For more info, you better watch anime yourself. It's an entertaining and funny anime, I must say so myself.

Alright then, back to Yuri. Yuri is born in July and loves playing baseball. He has a best friend and seems to be the only friend he is ever close to, which is Ken Murata. Ken himself has secrets that he keeps to himself. Well, I'll talk about him later since he is ALSO one of my fave characters. Yuri usually wears his black school uniform while being in the world where the demon race is despised by the human race. I forgot to mention, the location setting of this anime is a universe where two worlds exist. One world is a place where demons and humans dwell whereas the other one where COMPLETELY NORMAL HUMANS live. Yuri is actually born in the completely normal world, but his blood is a mix of both worlds. Hehe. ^^ I wish I could explain more, but it'll be a HUGE spoiler and I know how some people just simply HATE spoilers.

Moving on, Yuri lives in a kinda normal family with his demon father from a different world (he didn't know at first), completely normal human mother and a half-demon older brother. Both he and his brother, Shori are chosen for greatness as both are chosen as Maoh or Demon King. Shori was chosen as the Maoh of Earth (the world where their completely normal mother is from) while Yuri held a bigger responsibility as he was chosen as the Maoh. The true demon king of their father's world. Shori proves to be more powerful than Yuri at times, nevertheless that never became the reason for them to fight. As the series progresses, you'll be able to see the reason why Yuri was so strong despite not having any training with his powers.

Like I said before, Yuri is very NAIVE. His naivety caused the former Maoh who was a woman to name a flower she bred as Filled with Yuri's Naivety. A funny name for a flower, nevertheless acceptable. Hehehe... ^^ Yuri is also caring towards other people and has changed the perspective of  many through his actions. His greatest wish is for humans to get along with demons. The demon race do not despise the human race, but it is the human race that are afraid of them due to their ability to control elements at their will. Both demon and human race have VERY weird traditions, customs, celebrations and laws as well. Some are just plain cruel like one of the human race, where anyone who are related to a demon by means of marriage or whatsoever will be enslaved. A lot and mainly women were enslaves. The demon husbands? Either killed, locked up or tortured. Nothing could be done to save them.

As a conclusion, Yuri is a character who is strong at heart and do not give up easily although there are times when things get either too difficult or out of hand. He would do anything to make his wish come true as he truly believes that war would only bring about destruction and no good will come out of it. In other words, Yuri is trying to create world peace where both demon race and human race live harmoniously with each other and not quarrel. Yuri inspires me a lot in terms of being resilient. He taught me the most important thing to create world peace and that is to BE PATIENT AND KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU CAN IN YOUR OWN WAY TO CREATE PEACE. In order to bring peace to the world, one must be patient as peace is not created overnight and to just keep doing what you can and capable of doing no matter how small it is as long as it helps create and promote world peace. Yuri is a big inspiration in an aspect of my life and I hope that one day, this world of ours will finally obtain world peace through miraculously the rising of people with principles like Yuri Shibuya or just us normal humans working together hand in hand to create world peace where war is out of the question. ;)

Well, I guess that's all. Hehe. I know it's not TOTALLY about Yuri, but it really can't be help since I'm trying to avoid MAJOR SPOILERS~! Hehehe... ^^ Anyway, try watching the anime, you'll find it rather amusing and enlightening. Hehehe... ^^


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