Kasanova by Stacy

Maybe some of you here have heard of this song before. Kasanova is a malay song sung by Stacy. Well, personally I don't really like the song. It's just that listening to the song truly reminds me of a character from the game Tekken 5. The character's name if Lee Chaolan. Some of my family members call him Kasanova due to ermm.. A character vid of him when we completed the story mode using his character in the Tekken 5 game. We laughed hard and because of the vid, he earned the name "Kasanova" from my family members. Obviously kasanova means Casanova. The spelling's a bit different, but the meaning is still the same though. Anyway, whenever I listen to the song, I'll be truly reminded of Lee Chaolan. I know, silly of me. It's kinda nostalgic though. Well, anyway, here's how Lee Chaolan looks like:

Those two are just a few of Lee Chaolan's poses. Hehe. ^^ Anyhow, here's the music video of Kasanova by Stacy:


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