The Lorax

Okay, maybe some of you here never heard of "The Lorax". The Lorax is actually the name of a movie I watched recently. We were actually going to watch John Carter, but it turned out that the next showtime for John Carter was 11.50 p.m. and it was just 9.00 p.m. back then. We ended up watching TWO movies in one night. The first movie we watched, none other than Lorax. It's an animated movie about Lorax who was the guardian of the forest who speaks on behalf of the trees as he said.

I won't talk about the details of the movie here. I'll just be giving my views and what I think of the movie, so don't worry about spoilers. ;) Hehehe. ^^

The movie started with a little musical. The song I admit was VERY interesting and it really shows SELFISHNESS which truly reflects the nature of some of us human. The opening song also tells us a lot about what's the main PROBLEM in the story. You'll be able to tell if you focus instead of just munching away your snacks. Hehe. Most of the songs in the story were great and gave a lot of life lessons and tell us about the nature of most humans. In short, the songs are GREAT! ^^ The graphics are awesome as well. They had some sort of a resemblance to Despicable Me since it is created from the same studio. Some characters are cute, funny, crazy, etc. etc. You know what I mean! ^^

The story was FILLED with life lessons, humour, moe scenes and loads more! It cannot be described in one word, I must say. I actually shed some tears, well a drop or two perhaps since I was very touched at the message the story was trying to convey. My eyes were all watery especially when nearing the end of the movie, all the characters in the story started singing together to save "something" ever so precious. I was sooo touched coz I thought that, wouldn't the world be a better place for everyone if we did the very same thing here in real life?

Anyway, I don't wanna tell too much about the movie. I know most people certainly do not like spoilers, so I'll stop here. Have fun watching the movie, IF you're planning on it that is. ^^


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