Septimus Heap Novel Series by Angie Sage.

I like to read books!!! Woots for me! Hehe. Joking~. Anyway, ever heard of the Harry Potter novel series? Yes, the ever so popular books that are turned into movies. I must admit the Harry Potter series lay out an interesting and unique plot which is very entertaining. J.K Rowling outdid herself, I must say. But then, I'm not here to talk about Harry Potter. Did you notice that the Harry Potter novels cost a fortune? Well, not a REAL fortune or anything, but one things is clear and that is they are EXPENSIVE! I might be a fan, but I am unable to buy even a SINGLE novel of the series. I had to watch the movies instead and borrowed one from a friend of mine. The language is kinda heavy as well which is good but poor kids some may not understand unless they buy the kids version. Then here's the big question I really wanted to ask, what about those who LOVES reading magical stories, but doesn't have that much income to buy ALL the novels? It's really normal for us readers to want to have a collection of it, right? So here's another alternative. The plot is equally interesting (I find it sometimes even more interesting) to that of the Harry Potter series. The novel series is called, Septimus Heap. YES! It's a name of a boy too. Hehehe. ^^ This novel may also "open up a new chapter" in your lives as you venture out to read more magical adventures. Hehehe. ^^

I've read the first book and I found findself ADDICTED reading it. I couldn't stop! I was galloping through the pages! Eager to know what happens next. The price for that book was unbelievable as well! Who would've thought a book as interesting as Harry Potter would be THAT cheap! I couldn't believe my eyes actually. I'm currently reading the third book and honestly speaking, I can't wait to read the fourth book as well. The language is not heavy too. It's kinda light and easy to understand which would greatly help kids understand the story as well. The covers, make you feel as if you are holding an ancient book of some sort and the few illustrations REALLY HELPS you imagine how the characters look like and believe it or not, while reading it you can actually see a MOVIE playing ever so clearly in your head! Angie Sage takes care of ALL of her characters. From the main to the supporting and even VERY SMALL CHARACTERS, such as Stanley the Rat! She tells the story ever so wonderfully that you can actually imagine yourself in the story. At least, I did!

Unlike the Harry Potter series where two worlds co-exist, one being the muggle world and the other the magic world, the Septimus Heap series location setting is only in ONE WORLD. No other worlds, no other dimensions. JUST ONE WORLD. No confusing transfers or apparation, just normal lives lived in a world where Magyk, Physik, Alchemie, dragons, ghosts, spirit-seer, notable queens, OrdinaryWizard, ExtraOrdinaryWizard, charms, scrolls and many other magical people and things are. I highly recommend you people to read it as you'll find yourself not just entertained, but the yearning for to read magical adventures also satisfied. If you know what I mean. Hehehe. ^^ Give it a try and you'll see yourself engrossed in it and addicted to it as you were before, back when Harry Potter was the most talked about magical adventure. Hehe. ^^ The feeling will be like deja vu as the excitement when reading the Septimus Heap series is mutual to that when you were reading the Harry Potter series. Trust me, that's how I felt. Wouldn't you want that good feeling back too? ^^

Here's a few pictures of the covers of the books. Like I said, I'm currently reading the thirs one:


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